We took on the management of this estate in October 2020 and the previous agent had raised an additional levy for a new roof for EACH building, despite the fact that it was not required. The cost? £41,000 per block!!!!

Common sense would tell you that it would be very unusual for 3 roofs to fail at the same time, especially as all three were initially fitted at the same time and were still under guarantee.

The points to the story?

  1. It is always worth questioning decisions made by your agent.

  2. It is commonly worth having a local agent, as this particular agent was based 'up country' and did not visit the property regularly, so installing a new roof was just 'easier'.

  3. You should never be in the position of the 'tail wagging the dog'. As the client YOU should be in control.

  4. Any costs which are deemed unreasonable can be challenged.

We are very happy to have been appointed to manage this estate.

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