As a block management company, we work with Resident Management Companies (RMC's), Right to Manage Companies (RTM's), formal Residents Associations and private Freeholders.

An RMC/RTM or Residents Assocation is a company formed to protect the interests of lessees in a residential building.

An RMC company is often set up by the original developer and is a dormant company where lessees become shareholders of that company or members.

The company Memorandum & Articles of Association will govern how the company is managed, with Directors being appointed to manage on behalf of all lessees. Those Directors will also be leaseholders.

The Directors give their time free of charge decide how the building will be managed, deciding for instance, if they wish to self manage or appoint a managing agent.

If an agent is appointed, the agent will work closely with the Directors on day to day matters, including any work required to the building.

RTMs and Residents Associations work in the same way.

If you do not have control of how your building is managed, please do not hesitate to contact us for free advice, or contact the Leasehold Advisory Service, who are always very helpful.

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