We have a long history of block and estate management, working within the industry, which was often frustrating with ‘no say’ on how clients were treated thus knowing we could do better.


Due to the ongoing frustrations of this, we formed Xyris Property Management Ltd in 2017 with the sole aim of providing an honest, friendly and professional service to our clients.


We know well enough that each property is different and that each client has their own ideas of what they want to achieve.  We help them to achieve.


We provide advice, support, guidance and knowledge.

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Resident Management Companies (RMC)

Often the RMC owns the freehold however, if this is not the case we also deal with the freeholder where appropriate.  We work closely with the Directors of the RMC in achieving their goals for the property.


Formal Residents Associations

The Residents Association do not generally own the freehold but have a Limited company set up to manage the building, with the freeholders permission.  It allows the Directors of the Association to select their preferred managing agent.  We work closely with the Directors of the Association.


Right To Manage Company

Similar to a formal Residents Association, the Right to Manage Company will have been set up so that the lessees can manage the building and also allows them to select their preferred managing agent.  We work closely with the Directors of the RTM company.


Private Freeholders

The freeholder selects the managing agent, places insurance and generally has control of how the building is managed. Their appointed managing agents works with them on any major issues but are generally permitted to manage the building without major input from the freeholder.

Concrete Building

If you would like to discuss your property needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.